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For the months of November and December, we will be switching lanes a bit and reading a somewhat well-known fiction novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens!  You may remember the basic story or the movie illustrations of this Christmas classic, but we will be especially reflecting on the spiritual reflections, significance, and depth found in this story.   It is a very short book overall, so I encourage you to take your time when reading it and think about how different interactions between the characters might lead to a greater understanding or perspective of how we are currently living our relationship with God or with others.  Of course, this is an enjoyable read as well based on Dicken's style and the flow of the story, even though it is a bit more serious of a novel than, for example, the Muppets movie illustration.  Just one practical note: any version you purchase should work well, so you don't have to purchase the same exact version as shown in our picture.  Please email or call the office to be put on the list and receive the Zoom meeting info towards the end of every month.  We will be discussing this book on Wednesday, January 5th at 7:00 pm in the social hall, and I hope you will consider joining us! God Bless you.