Contact Information – To learn more about the OLV Health, Safety, and Security Committee contact
Brian VanScyoc - (717) 658-3767,  or John Thornton – (508) 868-5640

You have been welcomed by, receiving bulletins, and pleasant send off from our Greeters for the last few weeks.  They are the first step in changes that are being made to make our parish friendlier and safer.  Take a moment to thank the Greeters for their effort.  We still need more greeters.  As you can see the ministry is not difficult, just be friendly.  Contact Brian VanScyoc (717-658-3767, or John Thornton (717 477-2765, for more information.

The Safety Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30PM in the social hall of the church.

ALL are welcome to attend!