Our Lady of the Visitation, Shippensburg

305 North Prince Street.  Shippensburg, Pennsylvania  17257-1321

(717) 532-2912                       Fax:  (717) 532-3905

Email:  tplotner@hbgdiocese.org

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Our parish is very excited to announce that we now have access to a new Catholic website subscription, which has been called something like a Catholic Netflix!  It is called FORMED.ORG, and it has hundreds if not thousands of different videos and other digital resources for anyone at our parish to access and enjoy.  There are not only lots of different Bible Studies and Sacramental videos, but there are Catholic movies for adults and for kids as well as videos on Saints, Apologetics, Faith Formation, Podcast style videos, and so much more [we are using our RCIA program as well as our Fall Bible Study through FORMED.ORG]!  It is very easy to sign up and create an account, and here are the instructions on doing that for our parish (all you need is an email address!).  Please sign up and click around to take advantage of this great opportunity.  It is a yearly subscription, and we had one anonymous donor this year to pay for the entire year access. My hope is to get everyone excited and hopefully continue this in future years with overall parish support.  


 1.      Visit FORMED.org
2.        Click Sign Up
3.       Select "Sign Up As A Parishioner"
4.       Under "Create Account" simply type in our Zip Code --> 17257 [Then click our Church name and go to the next step!]
***(There are a lot of different churches that look like our Church name, so if you search by using our Church name, you will have to type in the entire Our Lady of the Visitation Catholic Church exactly the same as this bold print you just read, and make sure you see our address pop up before clicking on it as well "305 N. Prince St.") *
5.        Now, simply enter your email address - and you're in!