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Jolene Cramm

Religious Education Coordinator

Our Lady of the Visitation Church

Religious Education Calendar 2019-2020

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Confirmation Class: Important Dates

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2019-2020 Religious Education

Sundays from September 8, 2019 until May 3, 2020

Class times are 9:45am -11:00am

(No Class on the following Sundays: October 13, December 1, December 22 &29, January 19, February 16, & April 12)

                     Our Ministry to Youth & Religious Education

Our religious education program uses professionally written, age appropriate curriculum developed by the Diocese of Harrisburg.  Generally speaking, there are themes for each developmental age group:

  • Our classes for younger children are designed to provide a framework of ideas that children and families can use together to discuss and celebrate the things that bring meaning, joy and purpose to our lives.  Concepts about God, holidays, holy days, and sacraments are introduced.
  • Older children and youth learn the concepts of theology and relationships with the larger world.  Both eastern and western religious traditions are studied and used as a basis for religious discussion. 
  • Our high school youth group is facilitated by advisers who help the youth continue to build meaning and find purpose in their lives by acting on their beliefs.  This is accomplished through social action; discussions of issues within society today and moral implications; and social activities that build the Catholic community.
  • The function of Religious Education throughout our program is to help children and youth develop a spiritual identity and build relationships in our church; and to encourage them to use their mind, body, heart, and soul along their paths of discovery.

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