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Guidelines & Restrictions on resuming Mass in the Church.

Only the front double doors will be used for entering the church. Upon leaving the church, the downstairs parishioners will exit front double doors, the balcony parishioners will exit down the right side ramp and leave thru the side door, nearest the pulpit.

 Please maintain proper social distancing while at Mass. Please do not sit in pews that are blocked off.

 Parishioners must continue to wear masks when in the church buildings.

Congregational singing is still restricted.

 The donation box will be placed in the lobby of the church.


  • Confessions will all take place outside near Mary's Garden

  • The parish office remains closed to in-person visitors. 
    • However, you may call the Office Manager by phone(717-532-2912) anytime Mon-Thurs 9am-4pm.
  • No in person meetings will take place on parish property at this time.  Organizations are STILL encouraged to meet virtually.