Our Lady of the Visitation Catholic Church 

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Advent By Candlelight

Sunday, December 2, 2018

5PM - 7PM

Advent By Candlelight is hard to explain to anyone who has not participated. It is like explaining a retreat experience.

Advent By Candlelight at Our Lady of the Visitation parish has been set up to be an evening consisting of a share supper interspersed with periods of reflection and sharing. It is a time to enjoy the company and convertation of other women in an effort to help participants make a peaceful and prayerful use of Advent/Christmas season.

The Shared Supper -- This meal is different that a pot luck in that the participants at a table provide the meal for that table.

Having a for each table is important in that the hostess invites or includes 5 - 7 women who will attend at her table. Those attending need not be persons from the parish. They can be family members, friends, etc. They do not even have to  be Catholic.

The hostess chooses the place settings and/or decorations for the table using whatever she would like to have...fine china, paper or plastic dishes and flatware.

She organizes the Shared Supper. It is important that all the elements of the supper are available. It is also important for each participant to feel a part of the supper as far as that is possible.

Shared Supper -- each member at a table brings something to share for the meal.

The hostess will either assign the items and/or participants will volunteer what they choose to bring.

The meal  consist of: 



vegetable (one or two)




drinks (coffee, tea, hot and cold water will be provided)

Each table should also have an advent wreath, which could be provided by one of the attendees, and a candle of some sort for each participant.